Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Western Ky. rescue squad decides to quit responding to calls

I wonder what our local council would do if our very brave men and women decided to do a sit down like this one. Granted I don't believe our first responders would hold the taxpayer hostage in this matter, but the look on the faces of those that have screwed over the police & firefighters would be priceless to see.

Western Ky. rescue squad decides to quit responding to calls


UNION CITY, Tenn. — Local emergency workers in southwestern Kentucky have voted unanimously to stop answering calls, effective midnight Wednesday.

Fulton County Judge Executive David Gallagher says the Fulton County-City of Hickman Rescue Squad is invaluable to county residents, but has asked the county to buy an $89,000 truck it can't afford.

The County Fiscal Court offered $10,000, but the 13 members of the independent volunteer squad voted to cease responding to rescue calls — a decision that Chief Jim Moss says could lead to disbanding the group.

While Gallagher says the county wants to keep the squad operational, Moss says raising the other $79,000 in a county that ranks first in population decline in Kentucky isn't feasible.

Among services the squad offers are river rescue on the Mississippi River, extracting people pinned in wrecked vehicles and weather spotting.

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