Monday, June 2, 2008

Friends of Property Rights,

Our two eminent domain petitions have made it through the next hurdle.

The Secretary of State has completed the first level evaluation of our filing, made copies and forwarded them to local election authorities. It was at this point in 2006 that the last eminent domain petition was rejected.

The next step is for each local election authority to evaluate the signatures to determine their individual validity. They must do so by the last week of July.

We need to continue to keep the issue alive in the news and we must also continue to solicit funds to resolve some debt from the collection phase and also prepare for an advertising campaign. Anyone who has yet to send their pledge in, please do so now.

A few people have commented on the fact that there have been very few posts to the eminent domain lists. I am sorry I have not done more but we have needed some recovery time to get personal and business matters back on track - things that have endured months of neglect as we concentrated on signature collecting.

Of course, we also had to spend a week and a half at the Capitol fighting the anti-initiative bill in the last days of the legislative session. The bill had multiple chances on the senate floor in the lat hours of session, but was finally laid aside and died on the calender. Other events and speaking opportunities that further our project have also taken time this last month.

Keep your powder dry - we're not done this project yet!

Ron Calzone, chairman
Missouri Citizens for Property Rights

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