Tuesday, July 1, 2008

council in review

For those in the group who made the city council meeting and those who spoke out on various issues you are shining the light of truth into our little corner of the world. I would've loved to been there but my little Nikki(6 month old border collie/heeler mix) was spayed yesterday and when we brought her home yesterday evening she wasn't doing to well with the drug effects.
To those of you who don't think I have a heart, this is proof positive that it does exist in my chest cavity. I have lots of compassion for animals which rely upon us for food, and emotional connection.
Don't get discouraged because April is fast approaching and a change will be occurring on the local level.

Today we had a meeting with the restaurant owners association down at Clary's Restaurant, for those that haven't eaten here I highly recommend it, Thank you James for opening up your place of business for this meeting. On hand were not only restaurant owners but state representatives Dennison, Schoeller, Lampe, and Norr, and candidates Maddox. We handed out specific copies of part of the city charter as well as the wording of certain council bills which it is said that gives the city the right to assess these fees. There were various ideas of how to combat this fee from being instituted on these independent restaurant owners. I don't believe the franchise chains will offer any assistance but I could be proven wrong.
At a time when cost are going up on every item purchased, plus adding into that is fuel surcharges from the companies delivering the food that these restaurants use is it any wonder why they feel like they are being hammered on.

We discussed a petition effort to redress this issue at a city council meeting, education of the consumers that eat at these establishments to this issue, refuse to pay the assessed fee which will take it into a court proceeding where by the city has to prove how much it really cost for this inspection. All of the restaurants refuse to pay this fee. Institute a "coffee cup" meeting with the health department. The Health Department head Kevin Gipson stated the fee only amounted to a cup of coffee a day hense the naming of the event.

I believe one thing which is quite beneficial from this meeting will be that the independent restaurant owners will re-establish the Springfield Restaurant Owners Association and the move will be made to keep it active and growing. More groups keeping an eye on their businesses and government can only be attributed to be a good thing.

I believe we should welcome the restaurant owners into the fold and if you find yourself eating out anytime soon please drop them a business card and let them know we are fighting to preventthese fees from being assessed and have them give James Clary a call to get the organization back up and rolling along.

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