Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What is a bribe ??

For your purvey Mr Deaver and Mr. Manley a bribe is defined as the following;

2.anything given or serving to persuade or induce

You'll notice in this example the condition is to persuade or induce something to occur, if 30K of Mr. Low's money is used to move his project ahead of others then YES that can be defined as a BRIBE. If this project was already on the docket for work to occur then see my bold statement below
4.to influence or corrupt by a bribe

You'll notice in this example it is to influence and once more I will state if the 30K of Mr. Low's is used to move his project ahead of others then YES Charlotte it can be considered a bribe. Once more if this project was already slated to be done then see the bwloe bold statement.

Both of you gentlemen are elected by the people to perform a duty of the electorate and by caveat the City of Springfield. When you both go on the attack as if your character was called into question because someone dare assume something under handed could be occurring you require people to question your integrity. This also calls into question if you were really listening to what was being said since the statement did not accuse either of you gentlemen or anyone on the council as taking this as a bribe or it even being portrayed as a bribe. The statement loosely pointed out that it could be CONCEIVED as one. There is a HUGE difference in the manner and fluctuation of the spoken word, perhaps listening would benefit you both greatly.

It is in your best interest not to attack an individual for a statement but to simply state the cash donation from Prime Inc will graciously be accepted to help offset the cost of this project as it has already been slated for construction

You gentlemen could learn much simply by listening to the words being said, ALL of the words being said and not just a couple of words which peeked your interest. As a business owner, home owner, and taxpayer in this community you owe this respect to those that are speaking

Tom Martz
Missouri Liberty Coalition


Jackie Melton said...

You mean not everybody heard:


Interesting perspective, Tom.


tom said...

Some would've slept right thru the meeting had the word 'bribe' not been uttered