Wednesday, August 6, 2008

correcting the critics

The critics(I won't name them by name but they know who they are)are using individual opinion to the critics(that would be anyone that doesn't side with the city on every item)and passing this information off as fact to their readers.

The main purpose of any advocacy group is to inform and educate the voters on the issues of which they feel impact them the greatest. I haven't heard any individual come out and say they that wanted the transportation tax defeated because the city wasn't using the money as intended, however that has been portrayed in blogs and some written media. There is no more nobler cause then standing up for what you believe in. With the passage of the 1/8 cent transportation tax the city is given more opportunity to make progress on a city that has yet to figure out how to get traffic moving consistently and to compensate for past development problems that have led to some nightmare traffic tie ups in this city of 150,000+.

Some members of the community who speak out on various issues important to them have been called constant critics of the city as if that label is a bad thing.

Had it not been for organizations such as ours the people would have never learned of the "Bridge to Nowhere", or why the national debt is almost 10 trillion dollars.

The next time someone wants to label you something whether it be adverse or not remember you are doing something that you feel is important and your actions at some point will benefit the community, Just ask critic Brenda Teeslink if the effort was worth it.

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