Monday, August 11, 2008

thoughts on city council meeting

The back patting session from M.S.U. was pretty tough getting through along with the back patting session from the council as well. I would have loved to see someone ask how much revenue could be generated out of those buildings if a private sector entity owned them instead of a university. I would also like to hear how much state and federal funding has gone into this project vs private sector cash. One dissenting voice spoke up on this issue and his main concern was the football team losing over one million annually. Granted this type of negative cash flow makes it incredibly hard for people to be able to afford going to college for an education. I guess my vision of someday having a nationally ranked football team here is a pipe dream.

Council by a 5-4 vote determined that they are in fear of their lives every time they do the business of the city. To be fair a motion was made to vote down this resolution and replace it with a resolution just placing metal detectors at the Busch building. This would have been a far superior move then the one that was approved tonight. That motion had every thing to do with the safety of city employees and I can appreciate that motion, however I believe the following vote shows that council members just have the inclination they are much more important then what they really are.

Hats off to Councilman Manley as he spoke with passion and clarified the common sense position quite well and deserved to be applauded after he was done speaking. Councilwoman Rushefsky made some good points on why metal detectors are installed in courthouse buildings but detested the idea of having to have them installed in the City Hall building. Councilman Burlison made the motion that the Busch building might be in need of security but detested the idea of an additional barrier between citizens and government officials. I can gladly say that Mayor Carlson gave a reasoned, and passionate address on why spending this money on these security measures would be wrong and he truly had the fiscal need to secure this funding instead of spending it on something which isn't needed nor do other governmental agencies spend money on these types of security measures.

It appears that Councilman Chiles is a little too passionate on the subject as he interjected mental illness, economic collapse, and his own gun ownership as reasons to be in favor of metal detectors. Mr Chile's also discussed an area of terrorism that I haven't read about yet, where people give kids weapons so they can attend city council meetings and thus the kid takes out the weapon and mows down the city council members. Dan a little decaf for the next meeting would be quite helpful. Councilwomen Collette spoke of the need to do something which is far superior to doing nothing. Councilmen Whayne was pretty incoherent with his want and need for metal detectors and councilmen Wylie actually scares me that he has sat on council for as long as he has. I won't give an opinion on Councilmen Deaver as he needs NO introduction.

After the vote I left as it was getting late and I was developing a migraine.

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