Saturday, January 3, 2009

NORMAL scare tactics being applied

Once more local government is using the scare tactics of old to convince voters they must comply with governments wishes. Normally anytime a tax proposal is placed on the ballot city or state officials will be lining up to sing the "woes me song" that if this isn't done then "X" will not get completed or "Y" will not be hired. It has become evident over the past several years that Springfield has a crime problem, not an issue, but a problem, and yet we are still short police officers on the street.
We are going to see on the ballot a measure which will help bring the pension system back into financial reality with a 1% tax increase proposal, but instead of educating the public on why this is of the utmost importance the scare tactics of old are used to bring about compliance. Instead of leaving the people at the mercy of the criminals, how about we take cost cutting measures in other areas and actually put the protection of the people as the first priority.
Take wage reductions, eliminate some non essential services that the city currently provides, put in place a retirement system where the employee actually has to contribute money into it, unlike the current LAGERS system where there is NO contribution from the employee and a higher cost is passed onto the taxpayer.
The article in question states that Mr Burris has said that "if we are standing in a hole we must stop digging" if this is the case why are we NOT hiring additional police officers to protect the people from an escalating crime problem.
We all have the reasonable resources to form an opinion on whether this measure should be passed or not we don't need officials of government trying to FORCE the passage of this measure by scaring people into doing so.

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Brian R said...

This is why we're waiting for a NEW council before we trust the same ol' crooks with our money. These same tactics you mention were used to get the voters to approve SW power plant II after we told CU no the first time. "Do what we say or we'll make you suffer and pay more to do it!" That has been the mantra for YEARS in Spfld whether it's City Council or CU. I won't be threatened into voting their way again. If the tax doesn't pass it's a lack of trust that killed it as much as lack of knowledge. Give us a NEW council & Mayor and let the city see how they govern. If they rebuild the relationship with the citizens the tax will pass, if not it will fail as I expect this effort will fail. After getting responses from most of those running I'm optimistic that there are better days ahead for the people, fire fighters, police, businesses...