Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MO sovereignty Bill stalled in Senate Committee

This was taken from the Ron Paul website. Self Explanatory. We need to call all of them especially the so-called Republican Sen. Shields
MO sovereignty Bill stalled in Senate Committee. Update
Posted May 4th, 2009 by meekandmild
We want to see Missouri ’s own Sovereignty of States Resolution [HCR 13] passed. It’s already sailed through the House but is stuck in committee in the State Senate. We hope that our State Senators believe in the freedom of Missouri citizens to pass this resolution.”
Sen. Shields and ALL Republican and Democrat State Senators are blocking Rep. Jim Guest's sovereignty legislation; specifically HCR-13 (10th Amendment-State Sovereignty) and HB-361 (Federal Real ID Act of 2005).

Sen. Shields threatens a filibuster and will not allow these Bills to come out of the Rules Committee to the full Senate for a vote. The Senate has no right stopping this legislation to protect citizens of the state.


Kevin Engler, (R) Chairman - (573) 756-5572

Gary Nodler, (R) Vice-Chair - (573) 751-2306

Joan Bray - (D) (573) 751-2514

Norma Champion - (R) (573) 751-2583

Timothy Green - (D) (573) 751-2420

Charlie Shields - (R) (573) 751-9476

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