Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Business owner is out of business and work

I believe this is the very same town that the mayor was shot in by and individual who said the city governance had gone above and beyond reasonable. Requiring paved access to a B&B oversteps government common sense and legitimate government function. I believe this is the very reason why a heat index factor has now become the norm in a weather report. Asphalt and concrete with no surrounding greenery makes the area HOTTER

Business owner is out of business and work
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By Ashley Smith
Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 5:39 p.m.

KIRKSVILLE, MO. -- Brashear House Bed and Breakfast owner Tiffany Platte lost her Special Use Permit after a vote by Kirksville City Council Monday night because she has a gravel driveway. And Tuesday, she was told she could no longer operate her business during what she says is a busy time of year.

Platte says she went to the meeting Monday night expecting to discuss her request that the city not require her to have a hard-surfaced parking lot for her business. She says that issue was tabled at the last meeting because some council members were not present, including Mayor Martha Rowe. But at the meeting Monday night, members present voted unanimously to rescind her Special Use Permit. Councilwoman Jill McCord, who owns a competing bed and breakfast, was not present at last night’s meeting and did not vote on the matter.

She says miscommunication leading to the decision made last night has left her speechless.
“Just to have such an expense on something that we park on is just something that I just, it's just not, I just can't fathom that this is occurred. I just can not fathom that, it's beyond words,” says Platte.

KTVO asked Platte what she thinks about other businesses in town that don't have hard-surfaced parking.
“I think that the intent is what you have to look at. The intent of the hard-surfaced parking for businesses was so that people who have a lot of business who are coming in and out regularly would have a nice surface to park on and that that would be maintained. And I do keep it a nice surface and so the intent is met,” says Platte.

Platte tells us she does not think the city is willing to work with her but the community has been nothing but helpful.

“I would really like to thank all of my neighbors and the community that stood behind me and has supported me with all of their thoughts and prayers. It has just been a tremendous blessing to see the community really support me as they have. And we do hope that this can be resolved as quickly as possible and that I can be back and running with in the legal limits within the law as soon as possible,” says Platte.

Platte tells KTVO she plans to hard-surface her lot and apply for another special use permit so she can continue business.

We asked the city for a copy of the ordinance requiring businesses to have hard-surfaced parking but have yet to receive a reply.

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