Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Letter to the editor:


Today's front page love-in for Greg Burris gagged my maggot. Enough that I sat down this afternoon and composed the following for publication (assuming the editor has sufficient tolerance for a grump that doesn't think the citizens of Springfield need a love-in):

"Letter to the editor:

I am rather disappointed by Sunday’s News-Leader's front page attempt to generate a "Oh, isn't enthusiasm wonderful -- it can solve all the problems in the world" love-in event for Mr. Burris. Let's face it. He has a great financial future working for the city, when the insiders in the council hand-picked him to solve their problems. No mind that those problems were created by those same council members. They love their new-bought man. He knows already the solution is a whopping big sales tax increase. That's exactly what the current council members wanted. They don't want to admit that they could stop diverting tax money for funsy things that lose money. If the voters of Springfield agree to a tax increase, they are more than half way down the proverbial slope towards bankruptcy. It’s happening already to cities in California.

Let's face it. Springfield's financial problems will only be solved when the council members that created the mess and those that want to continue their profligate ways are voted out.

It will be interesting to see how Mr. Burris might retain his integrity and enthusiasm while serving the current council as city manager.


I have no idea as to whether this deserves to be on the MoLiCo website or not. Put it on at your discretion.

Jim Hornaday

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